Improve Your Smile With Invisalign
June 29, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Straight teeth are a sign of a beautiful smile which is why Invisalign is so great! If you're an adult or older teenager who wishes they had straight teeth but want to dodge the mouth-full-of-metal phase, then visiting New Hope Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in New Hope, PA, is a good first step. Dr. Dawn Rickert can help you create a custom treatment plan and decide if Invisalign is the best option for you.

What is Invisalign?

They are custom-made aligners or retainers that move teeth to their proper positions to create a straight smile. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are used to reconstruct dental restorations and prostheses, like Invisalign. Your New Hope, PA, dentist consults with patients to see if the clear aligners are the right restorative procedure. The aligners come in a series, each meant to be worn approximately 22 hours a day for two weeks until the next aligner in the series or sequence.

What does Invisalign fix?

Other than crooked teeth, Invisalign also fixes:

  • Underbite - bottom teeth are in front of upper teeth
  • Crossbite - some upper teeth sit inside lower teeth rather than outside
  • Gaps in Teeth - space between two or more teeth
  • Open Bite - upper and lower teeth don’t meet
  • Crowded Teeth - not enough room in the jaw to accommodate all of your teeth

How to care for Invisalign

You'll need to visit your dentist every few weeks to make sure everything is progressing according to plan. Other than that, you need to simply brush and floss your teeth every day, and clean the aligners as well.

Want more information from your dentist?

If you'd like to learn more about Invisalign and if it's the right choice for you, then don't hesitate to reach out to New Hope Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in New Hope, PA. You can contact Dr. Rickert at (215) 862-2525.