Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
May 29, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Oral HygieneDo you know that feeling you get when you come home from the dentist after a professional cleaning? The feeling of having smooth, polished enamel that’s free from dental film and plaque? You can experience that every day if you start to put oral hygiene high on your list of priorities. Good oral hygiene starts at the dentist’s office and continues as soon as you come home. Go to New Hope Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in New Hope, PA, for a fresh start and then initiate a new routine of oral hygiene to keep your smile healthy.

What Is Oral Hygiene?
Hygiene is the conscious and regular act of keeping something clean, healthy, and in good condition. Oral hygiene specifically deals with how clean you keep your mouth—your teeth and gums in particular. Your dentist can only help you so much when it comes to oral hygiene at your twice per year appointments. You’re responsible for managing the rest in between by brushing, flossing, rinsing, and eating the right foods.

Important Oral Hygiene Tips 
You already know after many years of being told by your dentist the importance of brushing and flossing every day. Here are a few detailed tips that could help improve your oral hygiene habits:

- You should brush for at least two minutes at the beginning and end of each day. Try to spend equal amounts of time on every quadrant of your mouth.
- Use a soft or medium bristled brush to avoid aggravating your gums (see your New Hope dentist for an urgent checkup if your gums bleed every time you brush).
- When you floss, pay special attention to areas of concern where you have frequent issues with plaque buildup. Take your time when flossing and keep a container with you everywhere you go.

Start Over
If you haven’t been taking good care of your oral hygiene at home to date, it’s not too late. Start over by visiting your New Hope dentist for a thorough cleaning and then keep up with the aforementioned tips. You may find out that your dental issues are minor and can be greatly improved by simply updating your hygiene habits going forward.

A Better Smile Is Possible
The better your oral hygiene habits, the better your smile will become over the months and years. You’ll also get better reports from your dentist. Call (215) 862-2525 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dawn Rickert at New Home Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in New Hope, PA.